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Overflow Serve Inside

God does not intend for our connection to Jesus and all of our being poured into by Jesus to be the end of our Christian experience.  There’s another step.  You see, God intends for us then turn around and pour it out onto others.  We are to OVERFLOW!  In other words, God intends for us to find a place of service in and through the local church.

Here at WMBC, we have many places for people to serve the Lord.  We pray that the following list will help you consider where God might best use you for His glory.  May you find your place of service!

  1. Administrative Ministries
  2. Committee Ministries
  3. Ministry Coordination
  4. Music Ministries
  5. Teaching Ministries
  6. Transportation Ministries
  7. Vacation Bible School Ministries

Administrative Ministries

  • Bulletin preparation
  • Clerk
  • Custodian
  • Greeter
  • Historian
  • Librarian
  • Lord’s Supper preparation
  • Photographer
  • Sign Keeper
  • Treasurer
  • Trustee
  • Usher

Committee Ministries

  • Baptism Preparation
  • Benevolence
  • Decoration
  • Finance
  • Kitchen

Ministry Coordination

  • Christmas float coordinator
  • Disciple Training director
  • Fair Booth coordinator
  • Happy Hearts coordinator or assistant
  • Memorial Flower coordinator
  • Men’s Ministry coordinator or assistant
  • Nursery Coordinator
  • Sunday School director
  • VBS director
  • Women’s Ministry coordinator or assistant
  • Youth Ministry leader or assistant

Music Ministries

  • Accompanist
  • AWANA Worship Leader
  • Children’s Choir
  • Sound System
  • Special Music
  • Video System
  • Worship Choir
  • Worship leader

Teaching Ministries

  • AWANA teacher or assistant
    • Nursery, Puggles (2yo – 3yo), Cubbies (4yo – 5yo), Sparks (K – 2nd grade), Truth & Training (3rd – 4th grade), Trek (5th – 6th grade), Journey (7th – 12th grade)
  • Children’s Church
    • Birth – 3yo
  • Disciple Training teacher or assistant
    • Nursery, 3yo – K, 1st – 4th grade, 5th – 12th grade, Adults
  • Sunday School teacher or assistant
    • Nursery, 18mo – 2yo, 3yo – K, 1st – 3rd grade, 4th – 6th grade, 7th grade – College, Adults

Transportation Ministries

  • Bus driver or assistant

Vacation Bible School Ministries

  • Bible teacher or assistant
  • Crafts leader or assistant
  • Crew leader or assistant
  • Food service
  • Game leader or assistant
  • Music leader
  • Skit actor

For the glory of God and the good
of others, find your place of service!